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There are many new mlm plans came up in recent times. Investment MLM plan is one of latest & exciting MLM Plan. In the Investment mlm plan you can have 2 or more income types, majorly Non-working Income and secondary Working Income.

1. Non Working Income

This Income types of the Investment plan depends on a company’s own strategy and it may vary from company to company. In the Investment plan, company distributes certain percentage amount of the investment the Investing member as ROI upto certain fixed period of time. Alternatively, the company can offer you a lump-sum amount on completion of certain fixed no. of days, or some another remuneration, which will solely depends upon the amount of your Investment.

2. Working Income

The company may offer you more income opportunities based on your working and registering new members to the company’s plan, based on other mlm plans, such as, Binary or Generation MLM Plan.


Investment MLM Plan provides secondary income options for the members. In mlm investment plan when a person joins your downline, you get some incentives or commission.

The MLM Investment Plan offering a specific percentage income as ROI on the investment of Downline Member & this percentage may change according to the Investment Product or Plan and variation by Member Level. Investment MLM Plan is totally based on the investment Strategy & its Level Percentage.

The need of Investment Plan MLM Software

The investment plan mlm based on the various calculated incomes, you require professional MLM Software to perform all the calculations & processing the member and investment data and to provide you perfect output. If you are part of MLM Organization, the best advisable option for you is get a professionally customized Investment Plan MLM Software, which will work as per your business plan.

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